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Similar to an option, gives the holder the right to purchase securities at a set price for a specific period of time. Warrant certificates last longer than options, typically holding value for a few years or indefinitely. Warrants are often traded as securities at a price that reflects the underlying security.

Wealth Management

A professional service which is the combination of financial/investment advice, accounting/tax services, and legal/estate planning for one fee.

Winding Up

The process of terminating a company by realising its assets, paying off creditors and holders of loan capital and distributing the remaining assets among shareholders, according to the correct order of priority.

Wire Transfer

Electronic transfer of money.


A term used to describe the tasks, procedural steps, organizations or people involved, required input and output information, and tools needed for each step in a business process. In general, workflow management focuses on processes rather than documents. A number of companies make workflow automation products that allow a company to create a workflow model and components such as online forms and then to use this product as a way to manage and enforce the consistent handling of work.