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Determination of the value of a company's stock based on earnings and the market value of assets.

Value Investing

An investing strategy that emphasizes stocks with below-average price-to-book ratios but above-average dividend yields.


A company which supplies parts or services to another company.

Venture Capital

Funds made available for start up firms and small businesses with exceptional growth potential. Also called risk capital.

Venture Capital Firm

An investment company that invests its shareholders' money in start ups and other risky but potentially very profitable ventures.

Venture Capital Trusts

Venture capital trusts were introduced by the Finance Act 1995 to take effect from 6th April 1995. The VCT scheme is designed to encourage individuals to invest in smaller trading companies not listed on the London Stock Exchange, through VCTs which are listed on the Stock Exchange. VCTs are exempt from corporation tax on any capital gains arising on disposal of their investments. Investors in VCTs can benefit from a number of tax reliefs.


An indicator of expected risk. It demonstrates the degree to which the market price of an asset, rate, or index fluctuates from average.

Volatility Risk

The risk in the value of options portfolios due to the unpredictable changes in the volatility of the underlying asset.


The number of shares traded in a market during a given period